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“Once again it was a joy to be with both of you. This was the most productive, meaningful and, ultimately, positive gathering of The Council’s staff. I think we will look back on the two days in Williamsburg as a real turning point for this organization.  Your insights and support helped us all. I know that I personally have come away with more knowledge, energy and sense of purpose.”
                                      –    James F. Gardner, Ph.D. – Chief Executive officer, The Council – Baltimore


What is the Solution Focused approach?

Solutions begin with small actionThe Solution Focused approach was developed in America in the 1980s by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. After spending many years studying problem behavior and trying to change it they switched to studying ‘solution behavior’ and how to promote it! Two simple ideas lie at the bottom of solution focus.

Nobody is perfect and this applies to our problems as well as everything else. If no-one can ‘do’ their problem perfectly there must always be times when they don’t do them so well. These times de Shazer and Berg called exceptions. Whatever the person is doing differently at these ‘exceptional’ times will be the basis of a potential solution. Part of the solution focused practitioner’s task is therefore to discover whatever a person is already doing which might contribute to the resolution of the problem with which they have come.

The second simple idea is that knowing where you want to get to makes the getting there much more likely. One of the common consequences of a serious problem is that it clouds our view of the future. We know that we don’t want the problem but we have lost sight of what it is we do want. Solution focused practitioners ask lots of questions about what life might be like if the problem was solved. As the answers to these questions gradually unfold both practitioner and client begin to get a picture of where they should be heading. The clearer this becomes the greater the possibility of it beginning to happen.

These two ideas together make up solution focused brief therapy which widespread research shows to be effective in 65-83% of cases in an average of 4-5 sessions.  Anne and Bob use and teach Solution Focus to Leadership and Management in business and non-profit organizations.


LogicalLevelsNLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is the art and science of personal excellence. Anne and Bob are certified practitioners and trainers who have trained hundreds in their NLP based Communications Fast Class since 1991.

NLP enables people to understand and change how they think, feel and behave and empowers people  to choose what to do in order to have or be what they want.

By applying the principles and techniques of NLP you can make fundamental and lasting changes in your behavior at work and in your personal life and usually quite quickly.

NLP can help you:

  • Experience greater control and personal freedom that will have a beneficial effect on everything you do.

  •  Achieve goals which may seem impossible

  • Establish and maintain powerful rapport with clients, associates, and family members.

  • Communicate more clearly and persuasively

  • Systematically find creative new ways to create solutions and reach sound decisions – and more quickly

  • Enjoy speaking, running meetings, and delivering  presentations

  • Achieve the excellence you desire

  • Exchange negative beliefs for more empowering ones

  • Understand others communication styles so that you can more effectively mange and mentor them

NLP has helped people around the world to achieve what they want from life. Anne and Bob can help you be more effective in every aspect of your personal and professional life.  LEARN to Live!

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