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Asset Report®is a 100-page-plus personalized “book of you” custom-crafted for each Asset Report client from more than 12,000 descriptive and self-guiding items based on your responses to a simple one-page self-appraisal that typically requires less than ten minutes to complete.

Asset Report offers you a refreshing new degree of personal clarification! If you have any doubts at all as to who you are, what’s causing your behavior, what brings you satisfaction, what tangible and intangible rewards are important to you, what is meaningful and purposeful for you, Asset Report can remove many of these wandering, wondering quandaries in a single, initial eye-opening read-through.

THIS IS UNIQUE! Asset Report clearly explains the “political games” that your thinking qualities make you most vulnerable to. You’ll learn how playing these games may hurt you and your career–and how to stop getting suckered into them.

Making or contemplating a career change? You will find Asset Report to be an invaluable guide to your natural work affinities and how to present yourself better in interviews while still being true to your inherent nature and your natural strengths.

Asset Reportmoves you quickly from values to value. Values determine what you will stand tall for and what you won’t stand for at all. They are the single most important determinant of what happens at the bottom line for you iin a given situation. Almost immediately, Asset Report brings substantive new clarity to how your values affect the issue of investment–in almost anything–versus time to results. 

Asset Reportis the first of a new generation of self-guidance tools that takes thinking fitness as seriously as cardiovascular fitness or any other kind of fitness traditionally important to business people. And Asset Report simply never lets up in pointing out how thinking fitness applies directly to your bottom line.

Asset Report is a revolutionary new equalizer eliminating the have/have not issue when it comes to thinking fitness in business or the organization. How else do you provide as many individuals as possible in the company with anywhere near the kind of quality personal guidance and self-development information that you routinely provide senior management and yet not bankrupt the training budget?

Asset Report can finally make the trick candle of teambuilding needs and issues go out for businesses. Away goes the cynicism and fatalism caused in teams jaded by the way the teambuilding issue keeps getting in their face again and again. In comes the way Asset Report spells out in point-by-point fashion what each team member needs to do to build a stronger team culture. This amazing new tool draws everyone into the process of how to improve the process and performance without leaving anyone behind.  

Asset Report focuses on a deeper and more fundamental picture of a person’s—or a team’s—native capabilities, skills and defining and driving influences. Gone is simplistic, outdated, behaviorally oriented thinking about people. When researching, conceptualizing and creating the pool of more than 12,000 targeted descriptions from which each user’s Asset Report is assembled, creator Dudley Lynch focused on the “whys” and “hows” behind a person’s perceptions, choices, preferences and behavior and not simply a narrow surface “what” sampling of those outcomes. Asset Report is a revolution in thinking skill results!

And so much, much more … all in Asset Report: The Book of You

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