NAQ-14 – 2014 Pre-Conference – Anne and Bob – HANDOUTS ARE BELOW 

One of the toughest challenges of being a manager is dealing with never-ending problems: work that doesn’t get finished, work that doesn’t get started, co-workers whose weaknesses undercut progress, bosses who move the goal post just when we’re almost there…and, well, you have your own list.

The Solutions-Focus Coaching model works with problems in a unique way. What the developers learned through decades of research and hard-won breakthroughs is that more information about the problem or what’s not working is not nearly as helpful as discovering clues to what will work, and finding ways to implement potential solutions early and often. The process turns the drudgery of problem solving into a creative, collaborative effort to find the smallest steps in the right direction.

During the morning session, you’ll learn the steps of the Solutions Focus Coaching model. You’ll use the model during the session to discover solutions to one of your current problems. No matter how sticky or intractable that problem feels to you now, you will leave with a list of specific actions that will lead to positive change.

In the afternoon, you’ll be introduced to a collection of tools to help you start strong and accelerate progress.

Much is being learned now about how to achieve positive change. We’ve collected the best, most action-oriented tools we could find to help you grow your employees and your accomplishments.

For example, we’ve taken the concept of “sprints” from the best software development companies. It’s a technique that energizes teams as they plow through projects, using progress as a spur to draft the next carefully designed short sprint.

Some of the other tools you’ll take with you:

From research at MIT: how to create positive habits

From neuro-linguistics: how to generate new behaviors, test them quickly, and lock them in

From high-performing schools: How to shorten the feedback loop

From personal fitness training: design time-limited challenges that show people what they can really do

From positive psychology:  how to notice and develop bright spots

You’ll find these tools of value when you need to coach an employee who needs to improve in one or more areas. When you teach these to your top performers, you’ll give them a gift designed to accelerate their achievements and their careers.

Most of these PDF’s below are Solution Focus topics. Others are handouts from the afternoon and the Reframing break out session. Enjoy!  Thank you so much for spending your precious time with us on this Solution Focused day.   Anne & Bob

Reframing Handout Map NAQ

Anne-Bob-Reframe Chapter 11

Working Assumptions

True Nature Of Intelligence


Solution Focus Training Outline

Small Steps In Project Mgt.


SF-Career Guidance


Scaling Questions-Visser

Readers Matter

Problem With Problem Analysis

Practice And Song

Paul Z Jackson-meet OSKAR

OSCAR-Model-Paul Jackson

Origins Of Solution Focused Approach-Visser

Miracle Scaling

Learning To Compliment

In Between-McKergow-Korman

Growth MindSet-Visser

Expert Knowledge

Creative Language Writing

Conversations University Students

Concordance Theory

Complimenting Effectively-Visser

Coaching-Simply Effective

ChildWorkers-SF-Supervision And Training

21-Solution Focus Techniques

06CreatingCoachingCulture – Janine Waldman

Habit Worksheet-14

New Behavior Generator-Handout-14


Reframing Handout Map NAQ

Solution Focus Outcomes – NAQ-14

Solution Focus-WorkBook- NAQ-14