Cherry Hill Bookstore and Conference Center
Books and learning materials for leadership professionals and disabilities.
Art Dykstra
Art is President and Executive Director of Trinity Services and author of numerous books and publication on leadership and disabilities issues.
Dr. Darren Weissman
Dr. Darren is creator of The LifeLine Experience and author of “The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude and others.
David Lazear
Books and Media on Multiple Intelligences form applications authority, author and trainer.  – We have trained extensively with David and have used Multiple Intelligence in our own work for over 10 years. Multiple Intelligences, or MiQ, opens new ways of thinking and learning because we all are truly smarter than we’ve been taught we are. MiQ makes IQ a very small factor in the intelligence profile of any of us. David’s work teaches us how to access our many ways of knowing to unleash intelligences we didn’t even know we had. Read OutSmart YourSelf! to get going. David is available for workshops in your company as are Anne and Bob.
Brain Technologies
Dudley Lynch – The Mother of All Minds
Anne and I are Facilitation Partners with BT and offer comprehensive
BrainMap, AssetReport, and other testing consulting and facilitation with
Dudley’s materials. We’ve been using Dudley’s materials for more than 10 years. Read Dudley’s latest book The Mother of All Minds to reach a new understanding of the opportunities to grow our world views..
Dr. Paul M Lisnek
For Books Tapes and Videos, many NLP based from – NLP Practitioner, Lawyer, Author, and Jury Consultant. While originally targeted at the Legal Professional these tapes are pure NLP. Anyone can benefit from this material. Bob has produced numerous audio and video programs for Paul which you can purchase on his site. 
The Solutions Focus
Looking for a radically simple, effective and proven approach to change?
Anne and I use this approach in our training and consulting. We love teaching and using this approach to personal and business issues. It will revolutionize how an organization works.
Boundaries Unlimited – Dr. Michael J. Banks a key trainer in our Bandler NLP Certification training.   A full certification NLP institute who host many different programs throughout the year.Let us know what you are interested in as we may be offering similar programs through CreativeCore. Seminars, Training, Couples, Health & Life Coaching.  boundariesunlimitedhlc.comKlaus Boettcher – Another key person in our NLP, personal and professional development, Klaus is a practitioner of Solutions Oriented Therapy, Narrative Therapy, NLP, Hypnosis, and Eye Movement Integration in Chicago.
Non-Violent Communicationsm  | We teach this in business as Life LanguageMany resources to learn the Language of Peace. We believe this to be the most profound material for learning how to live at peace with oneself and others. Invaluable for more effective relationships with partners, children, and business associates. Truly a new structure for honoring what’s alive in self and others and for meeting everyone’s needs and concerns.
Global NLP Coaching Resources 
NLP – California – Kris & Tim Halbom
Tad James – The Tad James Co. Australia
The Empowerment Partnership formerly
advanced neuro dynamics