Releasing Your Creativity with NLP & Deep Structure

As a writer, producer, director for many years I was challenged time and again at the end of a successful meeting where I had created the theme, visuals, and spectacular media event – “what are you going to do to top this.” In each subsequent year I did “top” the last one.Many people take my creativity for granted. That is they believe that I’m just a creative guy and they are not blessed with that particular talent. I beg to differ. I know that we are all more creative than we could possibly imagine but we haven’t had the opportunities and/or challenges to bring them to life. We simply have not learned the structure of creative thinking. Or the non-structure as the case may be.In this training we explore systems thinking. Thinking that goes beyond logic to see the deeper patterns and connections. “The Creative Core” if you will.

It is important to understand systems in order to expand our creative thinking because we, ourselves, are systems. In fact, everything in our life is a system or part of one. Our family. Our business. The environment. Understanding the deeper structure of these systems will give you new skills for effectively saving time while more creatively achieving your goals.

In this training you’ll learn how to become more influential and successful in managing your health, work, finances, associates, and relationships.

Bob Sandidge, writer, producer, director, of media and presentations for corporate communications and sales.
Anne Ward, writer, NLP Trainer

One day, Two Day, Custom In-House, Occasional Public Session

Managers, Leaders, Sales People, Anyone who wants to live their life in a more creative way or who needs new more generative approaches to work and relationships.

When your organization is ready to upgrade the skills and thinking styles of the people who make your business thrive, we’re here to help with well over 20 years of business experience and with today’s latest thinking and research on how we think and how we excel.
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