Fast Class


We’ve trained hundreds and hundreds in these powerful, easy and fun to learn, communications skills.
In our work together communication is our major area of focus. Whether marketing, managing, consulting, teaching, writing, producing, performing… our business and our personal life is all about communication effectiveness. We know from many studies that effective communication is correlated with many success measures.

The Communications Fast Class covers many different areas of human interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. Much of this training is built on the precepts and structures of NLP, Non Violent Communication (Speaking Peace), Spiral Dynamics, Multiple Intelligence and other models of excellence. Here are some of the elements of Cracking The Code:

  • Non-verbal Communication and non-verbal elements of communication
  • How to Create and maintain Rapport
  • How to perceive a situation from several different points of view
  • Interviewing Skills (Deep Listening)
  • Outcome planning (Well Formed Outcomes)
  • Learning & Communication Styles
  • How to respond rather than react in any situation
  • How to elicit resourceful personal states in yourself and others
  • Models of Excellence & How to Use them!
  • How to build relationships of trust and credibility

Since 1991 hundreds of people have experienced the transformative power of these skills. Many groups have us back each year to update the group with the latest iteration of the materials.

Cracking The Code – The Communication Fast Class – draws on the work of John Grinder – Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Dudley Lynch, David Lazear, Peter Kline, Jean Houston, Peter Senge, Joseph O’Connor, Ian McDermott, Sue Knight, Michael Banks, Wyatt Woodsmall, and many others.