Performance Coaching


This course is designed to teach you how to incorporate performance coaching into your management and supervision structure.It is for people in business to coach others to optimal performance. These skills can be useful to every person in an organization but are especially powerful for those charged with increasing productivity and satisfaction by fostering effective relationships.Performance Coaching will help you explore current thinking in the areas of motivation and performance improvement. Performance Coaches are skillful in the use of questions that help people.”

Better evaluate what is going on

Clarify outcomes that they want to achieve

Specify the ways of achieving them

Evaluating the effectiveness of their behaviors

Attendees will learn:

  • Rapport Skills.
  • How to set “set the stage” for excellence to occur.
  • To facilitate the creation of powerful personal goals that will benefit the enterprise.
  • Assess training needs for development actions that align with learning styles.
  • Give meaningful feedback.

Bob Sandidge, writer, producer, director, of media and presentations for corporate communications and sales.
Anne Ward, writer, NLP Trainer

One day, Two Day, Custom In-House, Occasional Public Session

Managers, Leaders, Sales People, Anyone who wants to live their life in a more creative way or who needs new more generative approaches to work and relationships.

When your organization is ready to upgrade the skills and thinking styles of the people who make your business thrive, we’re here to help with well over 20 years of business experience and with today’s latest thinking and research on how we think and how we excel.
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