Listen Hear

Crystal Lake Holiday Inn – Register HERE

Attend this mini-seminar and learn to hear what you’ve not been hearing from everyone in your life.

Attend this mini-seminar and get
The REAL take-away … LEARNING!

LEARN to Live!

A free mini-seminar to help you listen to the most important people in your life:

  • Your Family
  • Your Business Associates & Customers
  • Yourself!

In these two hours you will learn and have a chance to practice:

  • How to quiet your mind in order to focus on your conversational partner.
  • How to help someone talk about something that’s important, but
    difficult to talk about.
  • How to encourage someone to keep talking when you sense there’s
    more they’d like to say or more you’d like to know.
  • How to help someone think something through or solve a problem
    … without saying a word yourself.
  • How to listen to yourself for an enhanced sense of well-being and
    renewed energy.
  • How to get a word in edgewise.