New Leadership


Essential leadership skills for influencing and managing people.

Anne and I opened our sessions for many years by reading from the “Tao of Leadership” to remind everyone present, whether in an official leadership role or not, that each of is a leader because there are people all around us taking cues from us everywhere we go no matter what we do.This training focuses on the new essentials of leadership. The skills that we all need to be better as entrepreneurs, citizens and parents.We will show you that Leadership can be learned. It is a natural part of life. Leadership skills are essential in modern business and life.

  • Learn to create shared vision
  • use strategic thinking
  • create trust
  • overcome resistance to change

Leading with NLP is about beliefs and actions that will make you a leader for yourself and others, and gives you practical ways to develop the skills you need to step into the leadership needs of the 21st Century.

Anne and Bob draw on the work of Robert Dilts, Joseph O’Connor, Ian McDermott, David Lazear, Peter Kline, Peter Drucker, Dudley Lynch and many other for this course.

Bob Sandidge, writer, producer, director, of media and presentations for corporate communications and sales.
Anne Ward, writer, NLP Trainer

One day, Two Day, Custom In-House, Occasional Public Session

Managers, Leaders, Sales People, Anyone who wants to live their life in a more creative way or who needs new more generative approaches to work and relationships.

When your organization is ready to upgrade the skills and thinking styles of the people who make your business thrive, we’re here to help with well over 20 years of business experience and with today’s latest thinking and research on how we think and how we excel.
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