NLP & Health


We are the masters of our own health. How we think, what we think about and what we do and how we do it all affect how we live. Bodies process not only food and air, but all of our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and experiences as well. Our bodies reflect our relationship with your mind, experiences, and beliefs. In this session, Anne and Bob bring together the latest mind, body, spirit research to help you experience your life in a whole new way.

NLP shows us how we create our own internal version of the world and how our bodies respond to that world view in healthy or unhealthy ways.

Learn how our emotional state affects our immune system and what we can do about it.

We’ll tell you about incredible recoveries from terminal illness – and what they teach us about our own health.

Learn the many different ways we think about health and their consequences.

Did you know that the way you think is an accurate predictor of how long you will live?

Learn how to use your senses to gain pleasure and enhance your mental power.

Stresses, their build up and how to release them.

This session is for you if you seek health and well-being and want to know more about how NLP works and if you are looking for new and practical ways in which your mind and body can work in harmony. If you believe there is more to health than not being ill and if you want to find out more about yourself.

Bob Sandidge, writer, producer, director, of media and presentations for corporate communications and sales.
Anne Ward, writer, NLP Trainer

One day, Two Day, Custom In-House, Occasional Public Session

Managers, Leaders, Sales People, Anyone who wants to live their life in a more creative way or who needs new more generative approaches to work and relationships.

When your organization is ready to upgrade the skills and thinking styles of the people who make your business thrive, we’re here to help with well over 20 years of business experience and with today’s latest thinking and research on how we think and how we excel.
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