Speaking Peace

Speaking Peace
The Language of Life
“Nonviolent communication is the lost language of humankind, the language of a people who care about one another and long to live in harmony.”- Midwest Book Review, Taylor’s Shelf In this training we demonstrate that language doesn’t always convey what we intend. In fact, it often has quite the reverse effect. Sometimes to the point of creating ill-will or even hostile reactions.Speaking Peace comes from the presupposition that enriching life is the most satisfying motivation for doing things, rather than being motivated by fear, guilt, blame, or shame. Drawing on their linguistic work with NLP, the work of Marshall Rosenberg Ph.D. (Non-Violent Communicationsm), Dudley Lynch (Brain Technologies), David Lazear (Multiple-Intelligences), Ram Dass (Mindfulness) and others, Bob and Anne emphasize mindful use of language as the key to meeting our needs as well as the needs of our friends, family, and associates.
“Dr. Rosenberg has brought the simplicity of successful communication into the foreground. No matter what issue you’re facing, his strategies for communicating with others will set you up to win every time.”- Anthony Robbins, author, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

This program explores some of the many ways that we can foster and experience more harmony and well-being within ourselves and our business and personal relationships. The focus is on shared values and needs and encourages the use of language that increases good will and avoidance of language that contributes to resentment, anger, guilt, and blame. The skills you’ll learn will give you new constructive choices in difficult situations and will enrich your language skills in managing yourself and others.

Bob and Anne work from the presupposition that  enriching life is the most satisfying motivation for doing things, rather than being motivated by fear, guilt, blame, or shame. This “language of life” is effective even when other people involved are not familiar with the process.

Through this training you will understand that:

  • Anything that anyone does is an attempt to fulfill unmet needs
  • Meeting needs through cooperation rather than competition is healthier for everyone
  • People naturally enjoy contributing to the well being of others when they can do so willingly

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Create more satisfying personal connections
  • Meet your needs in ways that honor and respect your values and the values of others
  • Heal from previous experiences and relationships that have been painful or unsuccessful

Nonviolent Communication skills will help you:

  • Resolve feelings of guilt, shame, fear, and depression
  • Transform anger or frustration in coalition building and cooperative outcomes
  • Create solutions based on safety, mutual respect, and consensus
  • Meet basic individual, family, school, community, and
    societal needs in life-enriching ways

Speaking Peace concepts apply in both personal and professional life. We provide Speaking Peach programs appropriate to business, spiritual groups, and non-profit organizations. The focus is  on the specific needs of your organization.

About Anne and Bob
Anne and Bob, since 1991, have trained hundreds of people in companies and social service organization how to more effectively communicate, how to create powerful personal and group outcomes and how to experience more peace and less stress in their lives.

Anne recently participated in the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions held in Spain. She facilitated and coordinated facilitators from around the globe at this world meeting of religious leaders. Anne is a Certified NLP communications master-practitioner and trainer who pays special attention to the impact of communication patterns within organizations.

Bob is a professional communicator who has made a life long study of both inner and outer communication patterns and of how the language we use creates and supports harmonious and productive behavior. He is is a certified NLP Communications Practitioner and a media and communications expert. He and Anne have co-authored numerous articles.

Bob and Anne are members of the Unitarian Church of Elgin, Illinois, Active Members of the Association for Research and Enlightenment and are both avid learners and communicators. They reside with their Polydactyl (many toed) cat, Buddy, in Algonquin, Illinois.   Bob@NLPeople.com

Non-Violent Communication was developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. – while Anne and Bob include
concepts and materials from his work, they are not certified
trainers in NVC. Recommended: For more information visit www.CNVC.org