We Get Feedback!



– Extremely Valuable

– good Mixture of input & exercises to keep attention & give lots of info

– Much to take to person centered planning and to other groups I’m involved with.               Training Coordinator

–  Extremely valuable both professionally and personally


– Very practical and applicable to real life

–  Overall excellent

–  I can now help people to become better facilitators

– This training will help me do my job as a facilitator better.

–  Overall? Top of Top

–    All I learned today was very helpful to me.

–    Very valuable. Our agency needed to get on course for meeting structure

–    I’ll apply this in my personal life and the lives of the people I serve.

– Very effective! I was drawn in by the speakers

– It was over too soon. I want More!

– Helpful in that the concepts are applicable to many situations and usage

– It starts me to think in a new way

– the presenters made it all come together for me!

– This material makes it possible for me to think and act in a more positive manner

– More on outcomes!

– Bob and Anne have helped me so much. This is a new area and there is much to learn and I better understand how we learn from experience.

– The ideas and concepts were positive and objective.

– I now feel that I have some tools to use in facilitating a meeting.

– The presentation was organized and well prepared.

– It gave me ideas on how to overcome obstacles encountered while facilitating a meeting.

– Very valuable program. We got the fundamentals and asked for more.

– I hope others learned as much as I did.

– I’ll be able to apply these concepts in Team Meetings, Person Centered Planning, Relating to Peers, Staff, and Supervisors and in my personal life.

– I predict that these new ideas and concepts will be of great value as long as I consciously and actively apply them.

– Getting the participants to move about & work with different partners was effective.

– Above average written materials passed around is going to be referred to pretty often.

– This material has a direct application to facilitating person centered planning meetings.

– The ideas were presented so that they were clear and understandable.

– Materials were presented with group input to make it more fun and relevant.

– Presentation was up beat

– Very valuable new ideas, concepts and program contents helped me look at my work in a new way.

– It was very effective. I learned that I could know more by just listening.

– I look forward to applying what I’ve learned at work, home with family and friends.

– The program was perfect!

– Very valuable.  Anne and Bob put things in my head that stuck!

– I rate this program very high because it taught me how to better understand and be more effective for the people served.

– What would make it better for me is to have more than one day so I could feel more comfortable with what I’ve learned.

– I feel today’s session gave me tools I need to facilitate a group on person centered planning.

– Very effective. I think there’s so much to learn from doing and found the exercises to be very beneficial.

– Very good. Very informational and applicable to the process of person centered planning.

– With the knowledge I received today and the guidelines in the book I feel confident I can facilitate a group and be effective.

– I feel the concepts and programs can help me to facilitate meetings.

– Interaction was good rather than presentation only. 

National Network of Women in Sales – Values & Sales

– Great!!! Loved the learning!!!  Want to know more!!!

– Enlightening and good.. However too deep for such a short time period, need longer presentation time.

– Best speaker yet!!!

– Very interesting and informative.

– WOW!!!!!

– Superior .. Excellent .. Very Interesting!!! Very Identifiable!!! Very easy to understand.

– I would like more time to absorb. Great speaker!!

– I liked the subject very much and would like to hear more but I’d like a workshop type to identify values on paper, rather than just listening. This is very interesting the way the whole picture was presented.

– Very interesting theory and information, and I’d like to know more. The speaker seemed knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Would like to get deeper into everyday life and relationships.

– Intriguing – Enjoyed it very much – good group response.

– SUPERB PROGRAM – Time frame did not allow enough development but the program was excellent.

– Thanks you so much for making my position as Program Chair at
National Network of Women in Sales a success.
– Peggy Mikkelsen


“Once again, I’m impressed with the thoughtfulness and wisdom of both presenters. There are very few seminars I enjoy. I attend many!”  I plan to present this to our staff as a seminar they could use. – Vice President Programs – Oak Leyden

– I learned how to see others “putting ourselves in others shoes”

– Logical Levels – working through each gave me insight on how to better communicate.

– I thought the program was great to bring a lot of what I do into a more conscious way.

– I’m working with a person who is not currently doing her job duties. Using logical levels and asking the tough questions that need to be asked .. I have some new tools!

Anne and Bob helped me see people and things in a different way.  

– It helped me understand why people may do what they do.

– I’m going to start asking more questions until solutions are heard.

– Ideas were very good – a lot of insight to new ideas.

– It will be helpful to my job.

– Program content valuable in terms of helping to develop more fully and understanding interpersonal relationships with staff.

– Applicable in a wide variety of places. Directly at work, Crisis Prevention Team and at home.

– The program was great and very easy to understand.

– Being new in management, I got a lot of new ideas from Bob and Anne.
I want to try them all with my staff.

“I feel my staff received information they could use immediately.”

Carol Blake
Executive Director
Abilities Plus

– I’ve learned that I need to listen to what the customer is trying to say and stop trying to answer the questions for them.

– Broadened my view of the communications process.

– I’ve learned not to reject dreams/wishes as immediately unrealistic – delve further.

– Your presentation was informative and lively. – Abilities Plus

– I enjoyed the mix of having 2 people facilitate. Great, relaxed presentation.

 Franklin-Williamson Human Services Inc

– Presenters were knowledgeable and informative.

Difficult Employees-

– I will utilize these strategies most often in Conflict situation

– Very helpful in personal and school situation.

– No way to compare this to other seminars. This is new!

– I found some of it interesting and some of it too Kinesthetic

– I enjoyed the different types of people and that will help me realize who I am talking to and how to best communicate with that type.

– Very valuable. The topics were very appropriate to the needs of our staff.

– This will help me in communicating with others to help them feel as though they are a very important part of our staff.

– Anne and Bob make me think about things.

– Methods that are concrete that I can actually apply in my situation.

– Very enthusiastic presenters – Liked how our needs were used as examples to better show how things taught could/would work.

 – Anne and Bob paced the amount of material over the two days.

– Very interesting to learn about the different patterns people fit into and the different approaches that work to motivate people who fit into those patterns.

– The sessions were great. I now have a lot of ways to motivate myself and my staff.

– The organizational structure has changed at work. This information will assist
those who have recently been promoted to supervisory positions.

Most effective trainers! – Malcolm Eaton

– A good use of time and training dollars!

– Makes me more conscious of the different types of learners we have in training.

– How people learn model was helpful to me.

– Very excellent speakers. I learned a lot about my consumers learning styles as well as my own.

– Extremely effective presentation. I really enjoyed the interplay between Bob & Anne.
I rate the training exceptional. I only wish we had more time.

– Very valuable… especially what kind of learners you are dealing with.

– I can see us using a lot of the information to make our own training more informative and memorable.

– After Anne and Bob I think we will see less lecturing in our training
and more fun and ultimately more comprehension.

– This program really brought the team to a focal point. We now have an idea of what everyone’s strengths are and can benefit from those.

– It’s very important as a new team member to help assure that we do function as a team and what we learned here will help us do that.

– Great session. We were able to let each other know how we feel and we don’t always do that.

– Wonderful!

– Now that I know everyone’s strengths, I know now to function as an important part of our team.

– It was very good. Anne and Bob validated that we are a good team doing good things.  I wish we could have had 3 more hours. I hope we can continue to learn and move forward with these great ideas.

– Anne and bob put the information into a very user friendly format.

– “Clear, insightful and thought provoking.”

– A great way to get us all working the in the same direction.

Anne and Bob reminded us of our good qualities and what has worked for us before. I’m going to go to one of the more organized team members and ask help in becoming more organized – instead of just wishing I was.

Communication is a must – sharing concerns/thoughts helps us to do our jobs better and keeps us working toward common goals.

– Wasn’t sure what to expect coming in – was happy we built on the positive and didn’t get hung up on what problems we see or had previously. I feel more connected to our team and know we will continue to use these new skills.

– I feel you helped us bring together the strengths we had and made us seem whole again.

– I feel we can take this information and focus on areas of strengths and weakness to improve our program/team.

– More time to focus on the Logical Levels. I found this hierarchy very interesting.

– Helped us re-group. Went from thinking staff are going to have to leave in order for the team to improve to          maybe a different approach will work.

– I can’t wait to try these new ideas to build motivation with my team and other agency staff.

– Great! I learned how to better deal with staff complaints and to increase performance.

– I came away with some fresh ideas!

– You taught us a lot about how to plan.

– Very helpful, will transfer to day to day.

– I will apply much of what I learned today. Kept my attention. Easy to follow.
I will use this to motivate change, enhance effectiveness of individuals.

– These ideas are very useful for me as a new program manager. Very effectively presented.
I can use these materials to help transition my new staff to having a new manager in a new role.

– I have two staff that are total opposites. I hope to get them working together.

– Very valuable in working with my staff and my counseling clients.

– I now feel more confident that I can work through new changes in a positive way.

– We got the fundamentals we asked for and more! 


I appreciate your genuine interest in everyone.

I appreciate your help with many problems and coaching.

Your stories and comment for everyone made us feel great – very positive.

I appreciate you for helping me to communicate better.

You are very positive and make others feel at ease.

I appreciate bob for his knowledge and the way he accepts everyone’s answers in a positive way.

I appreciate your wisdom and down to earth attitude.

Your tone of voice is calming, reassuring and receptive to everyone.

Great sense of humor – the way you’ve helped us sort out many problems and concerns. Thoughtfulness.

Your depth of understanding our humanness.

I appreciate your calm and deep voice in a world of lots of action and business.

I appreciate all your effort in this class. I appreciate your patient responses to my sometimes emotional questions and comments.

I appreciate your total knowledge of your work, music and the ability to reach me.

– I didn’t really have any preconceived ideas of what this was going to be about.
I thought it was all very useful. I have a lot better idea of what questions to ask to get real communication.

– I learned to focus more on the positive behaviors instead of always looking at the negative behaviors.

– I’ve learned that I need to listen to what the customer is trying to say and stop trying to
answer the questions for them.

– Broadened my view of the communications process.

– I’ve learned not to reject dreams/wishes as immediately unrealistic – delve further.

– Your presentation was informative and lively. – Abilities Plus

– I enjoyed the mix of having 2 people facilitate. Great, relaxed presentation.

– I am already applying it in my communication with my children and spouse. Professionally,
it has helped me boost my confidence.

– I was very “close minded” on week one, not willing to share and I’m positively sold on the ideas I’ve learned.

– I can tell what kind of a learner someone is just by asking a question and watching them.

– I feel that I can go to Bob or Anne if I ever need some guidance.

– When people talk to me I  now know what they are saying to me by their actions and mannerisms.

– I can talk to a group of people without feeling nervous.

– I experienced more than I expected.